Акция «Человек года ТОО «SSAP» 2020»

В ТОО «SSAP» завершилась акция «Человек года ТОО «SSAP» 2020». Сабыров Нариман стал победителем в акции, одержав уверенную победу по итогам голосования, набрав наибольшее количество голосов. Поздравляем Победителя! Желаем больших успехов в профессиональной сфере!!!

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On December 22, 2020, Deputy of the regional maslikhat - Bezverbny P.N. met with the staff of SSAP LLP. During the event, the party's program for 2025 was discussed, as well as the proposals of the participants. Employees of the plant asked Deputy on utility rates and benefits for mothers with many children.

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On September 07, 2020, on the territory of SSAP LLP Nur Otan party members’ general meeting was held. The theme of the meeting was the election of the Chairman and Secretary of this General meeting of Nur Otan party members in SSAP LLP, explanation of The President's Message to the people of Kazakhstan dated September 01, 2020, explanation of the primaries 2020, Chairman of the primary party organization (PPO) in LLP "SSAP" re-election.

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